07 Feb Update

2020 take II

Regarding future commission orders: 

I have not yet recovered from the delay with  my 2020 orders, so any 2021 orders will be accepted if their deadline is not rushed, and I will work as follows:
1 order from 2020 completed , followed by a new order for a 2021 deadline. As I do need orders to keep coming in, money is a thing that is required in day to day life :) so I cannot refuse new orders due to the massive delays from last year - else I will have no income.

Regarding ready for sale orders: 

If you missed the previous announcements regarding my current stock, I am no longer going to restock any items here. Once a wig is sold out - it will not be back, I am going to stop the sale of base wigs once my stock runs out, mainly for 2 reasons 1) my supplier is no longer available and finding alternatives is very hard and more expensive that makes this whole thing more work with not so much profit for myself. 2) I want to lessen the storage space I am using and focus more on commission work for cosplay and wigs. 

Regarding outstanding commission orders:

Almost all 2020 orders for deadlines past March 2020 got delayed to some degree. Anything still delayed that if fully paid for will be done before mid April 2021. Anything that is not yet paid for in full - will be counted as a rescheduled order and a new date will be discussed. 

If you want to place a new commission order with me please be sure to have a deadline of April  2021 or later as a preferred deadline.

For any delay with shipping or damage or loss of package, please refer to the information provided here

About The Shop

Little online wig shop based in Belgium run by a cosplayer for cosplayers. With focus on providing quality products for new and seasoned cosplayers all around the world.

Check the available items and commissions tab for more info, and do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries  you may have. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding the Online Store and inventory. I'am happy to help in every way I can.

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