28 October Update

So what's been going on? 

well as many of you guys know from my previous month's updates, I will no longer be able to restock 80% of my wig collection. Anything currently listed is in stock in low quantity (1 to 3 pieces) and once that is sold, it will not be back. Also with the lockdown measures implemented the previous week in Belgium, I will only be shipping out orders once a week when I leave the house to do my grocery shopping. 

Due to all the messiness going on with my suppliers and most of this year's events being cancelled, without much certainty for 2021, I have decided to reduce or even completely stop selling base wigs. 

What does that mean? 

mainly 2 things: 1) I will no longer be attending any conventions or events and selling wigs there. 2) maybe there will be a small collection of base wigs on sale on the website. however most of my ready for sale collection will be custom made styles for 100+ euros price mark and I will be directing all my focus in the near future on commission work (wigs and costumes)

Given how this year's commission orders face so much delay due to all the mess with the supply chain and shop closures, I will have to focus my energy and time for the remaining 2 months of 2020 and get as many of them out of the way as I can, with possibly having to do some work in Jan and Feb 2021 to wrap up all my outstanding orders as I still await the delivery of some materials for some of those orders.

If you want to place a commission order with me please be sure to have a deadline of March 2021 or later as a preferred deadline.

For any delay with shipping or damage or loss of package, please refer to the information provided here

About The Shop

Little online wig shop based in Belgium run by a cosplayer for cosplayers. With focus on providing quality products for new and seasoned cosplayers all around the world.

Check the available items and commissions tab for more info, and do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries  you may have. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding the Online Store and inventory. I'am happy to help in every way I can.

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