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Commissions Policy

Please read this to the end, applies to alll custom made orders 


1. Booking Fees: 

  • 85 EUR booking fee on wig orders under 500 EUR

  • 150 EUR booking fee on wig orders over 500 EUR

  • 75 EUR booking fee on cosplay commission under 500 EUR

  • 350 EUR booking fee on cosplay commission over 500 EUR

Please note that the booking fee is included in the total I quote you. This is only made to reference in case you need to rebook or cancel your order, that fee will then be deducted or re-charged.  


2. Payment plans :

  • this is available for all orders

  • Orders with more than 3 payments have an additional surcharge (between 1,50 to 3 EUR extra per transaction)

  • Payments must be made on time to avoid delays with order's completion date

  • Missed or late payments will result in re-scheduling, so your order may not be done by the deadline discussed. Depending on how late the payment is, a new booking fee might be charged. 

  • Payments delayed for 3 months or more without notice may incur fines ranging from 10% to 20 % of the total order value. 

If you opt for a payment plan please note the following rules: 

  • You must remember to send your payments on time, it is NOT my responsibility to remind you.

  • For payments delayed 3-6 months there will be a 10% fine

    For payments delayed 6-12 months there will be a 15% fine

    For payments delayed more than 12 months there will be 20% fine or in a lot of cases the order will be considered abandoned and a fine + cancellation fee will be incurred.  see more about cancellation below. 

if you refuse to pay the fine to continue on with your order, you may then choose to cancel the order, go to point 3.

3. Order Cancellation:

if the cancellation request comes after some or all payment has been received, but before work starts on the order, there will be a 25% from the total held as cancellation fee in addition to the booking fee + any transaction fees+ any fines due to late payments if applies to your situation, in addition to any material costs that were purchased.

You may choose to get the materials sent to you of course, a shipping fee will be asked in this case if the shipping was not already paid.

Any custom made items are final sale items. You may not cancel or change your order once work has been started on your item. Any further alterations will be at additional cost more info below.


Once work is started on your order, cancellation will not be possible. Any remaining balance is expected to be paid regardless of deadline expectations. if you refuse or cannot pay the remaining balance see next point.


4. Nonpayment: for orders that are being paid in part, if you stop paying for your order and the work on your order has not yet started refer to #3.

For orders that have work started on them, you receive NO refund and if you do not continue payment for your order in 90 days from last payment, then your order will be marked as "abandoned" and you will lose the ownership and any claim on that item or any amounts paid. 

5. Order changes : 

  • Order Changes are possible ONLY if work has not yet started and materials not yet purchased. 

  • if materials were purchased and you want to change your order, you will be charged for new materials

  • a new booking fee will also be required for a change in order

  • The new order you wish to make has to be of similar or higher value than the one you are changing from. 


For example you order an item for €500 and now you wish to change to an order worth €200, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% from the original amount + the €85 re-booking fee. in that case you get charged €210 just to change your initial order. So it is very much discouraged to opt for a change in your order. Be sure of what you want to commission when you place your order from me. 

​6. Work in progress (WIP) and updates: 

  • Given my very busy schedule I do not reach out to every client with WIP photos. that is also to avoid un-solicited recommendations on how to proceed with the order from clients. 

  • I sometimes post WIP photos or videos on my page, I do not tag clients, you may reach out to ask if this is your order. 

  • I only reach out to clients during the process to update on material arrival/ delay. choice of material, or any details I may need their input with. 

  • If you wish to get updates, please do so at a pace that does not stress me out. If your deadline is 3 months from date of order , you may reach out to me once a month to check on the status. 

  • Please be sure to reach out 2-3 weeks before a deadline to remind me of it if you do not hear from me by then, may mean order is running late, and then we can arrange express shipping or another deadline.

Please note that I am a very chill person who hates stress and rarely stress over things, and I do this work out of love for craftsmanship. Its not exactly a lot of money for me, it's not even minimum wage where I live, so by all means - DO NOT STRESS ME OUT OVER  A COSPLAY PROJECT!!!

If you feel you are too anxious of a person and may create stress with this order, I appreciate you stopping by - but please do NOT proceed with your order from me. 

If i feel stressed at any point, I may simply opt to cancel your order at any time.  So lets not get there! If something arrives late or missed a deadline, just wear it to the next event. It really is not the end of the world.

If you are a performer or this order is for a work related event, it takes priority on my list and will be updating you at every step so in that case some stress is warranted if delay is happening. 

I am almost always go above and beyond with each order, I can even lose sleep for a few days to be sure I finish something. its not a time management issue on my end - its mainly a "shit happens sometimes" so things can get delayed. Don't need the extra stress on top of everything else. 


7. Deadlines:  

even though I am slowly shifting to slot systems, I still do deadline based work, I normally need 2 deadlines provided. the first deadline will be the one I aim for of course, but in case of delays with materials or having any issues with the project itself, or in case of unexpected health issues, I may need longer time to finish your order so a secondary deadline is required. 

Most standard order items will arrive to you 1-2 weeks prior to your deadline, unless otherwise mentioned (such as express shipped orders would arrive in 2-3 days to most locations and orders that are to be delivered or picked up in person can be delivered day before the event or at the event itself)   

Please note that if I am running late with your order due to whatever reason, and you had paid for standard shipping, but due to the deadline approaching and I see that I can still make it in time with express shipping - You will then have to pay the price difference for express shipping. I will not pay that amount out of pocket. Any delay with original completion schedule is never intentional on my part and I cannot predict the future, I can only promise to do my best for my clients. I will never sacrifice quality of a product to meet a deadline, so keep that in mind when you order something from me. 

if you made it this far please copy and paste the following in a message or email to me  "Cosplay is for fun!"

8. I have the right to cancel your order at any given time, even if it is a day before your deadline. That has rarely ever happened . I just have to mention this as - in a case of emergency for example - you never know what to expect. If I cancel your order myself - you receive the fully paid amount minus transaction costs, the payments may be made in full or in parts over the period of 6 months

9. A missed deadline is NOT a cancellation, this almost never happened prior to 2020, there has been a big pile up with orders due to lack of materials and lock downs and health issues etc etc. so my work timeline just took a dive. 

No refunds or discounts on missed deadlines,  All I can provide is a new deadline for your order.

You cannot cancel a late order, all commission orders come with a % of risk of delay. 

A late deadline caused by shipping company is NOT my responsibility. See next point for more shipping info.

 If you caused the missed deadline due to lack of communication, not sending measurements on time or late payment - it is then NOT counted as a missed deadline, as the delay was from your end, so a new deadline or 2 will be noted depending on how my schedule looks like. a new booking fee may be required in this situation. 

10. Once an order is shipped, it is no longer my responsibility , it is literally in the hands of the shipping company and there is nothing I can do to help you at this point. if there is a delay with delivery - which can happen, even rushed / express orders can face such an ill fate - that is NOT in my power to control. I cannot help make it go faster. It would be your job to contact the shipping company and be sure to clear any import duties if applicable.

If the delivery agent decides to leave the parcel at the door and not knock on your door, or hide it behind the fence or anything at all - again - that is not my responsibility. My responsibility ends the moment I hand off the parcel to the post office. 


I finish things when I finish things and hand them off when they are in good order on days there are pick ups . I live in western Europe, we like to strike often, that can cause delays at random periods of time. I cannot really predict those things.


Please note: I NEVER ship out something without sending photos for approval from the client. I also never ship out something that is half finished. So never expect something will arrive without me having contacted you with photos for approval.  I am a commission artist not AliExpress. So if you are worried that I did not communicate with you, please contact me to inquire about the status of your order, maybe am running late with making it, maybe there is delay in my schedule due to late payment. refer to point 2.

Also please note that any customs taxes due / import costs are to be paid by the client (if applicable) if this causes any delay with deliver, again not my responsibility  - it is not common for most orders, and again. I work with international orders and cannot keep track on all countries' exact rules and updates. That is information for the client to know about prior to placing an order with me.

11. In case of damaged goods:

  1. Partial refunds may be issued for items damaged during shipping, this is based on the insurance claim amount and the documentation provided from the client. That refund comes from the shipping company to me, then I can send it to the client. this process takes time. so patience is important.

  2. Customers need to document any damage and file a claim with the shipping company within 3 days of receiving the parcel, and send me all the details to file a claim on my end as well. 

  3. Damage claims are usually handled by the client and shipping company. it is not something I can do on my end, but I will help with what I can.

  4. Customers are responsible for shipping costs for repairs or replacement. Damaged goods would still be required to be returned to me to repair, replace or discard. Shipping costs back and forth are to be paid for by the client (including any customs/ import tax etc) unless otherwise specified. 

12. Lost packages:

  • A delayed package is NOT a lost package

  • Lost packages are rare to happen but may occur

  • A package can only be considered lost if it does not arrive after 30 business days from estimated date of delivery 

  • if a package is marked as DELIVERD via the tracker update, then it may be stolen and it NOT considered lost as far as I am concerned. 

  • Stolen packages are the responsibility of the customer. 

  • Lost packages will be a group effort to file a claim for. 

    • The client has to file a claim with the post service that they did not receive the parcel​

    • I also have to file claim for that and provide insurance proof 

  • The amount the insurance refunds will be what the client receives.  I will not pay anything extra out of pocket. All orders are insured up to 500 EUR

  • Order more expensive than 500 EUR maybe shipped on multiple parcels to get a separate coverage for the different items. 

  • if the amount is less than the value of the order, that is unfortunate, but that's how most insurance on anything works.  You almost never get the full amount of anything back. 

  • You may opt to have me use the insurance money to get new materials, and I will remake the item for free if it is not a big project but for a different deadline, most likely 3-6 months later . But I will not pay anything out of pocket to cover a lost package - that is the fault of the shipping company, I did my work and should be compensated for my time. 

  • Ordering remotely has its risks, they are not high risks but you should always be ready to handle the worst case scenario. 

13. Wrong size:

Provided that you have given the correct measurements and still received an item that does not fit, you may ship back the item for size alteration. Return shipping costs are for the client to pay at any given circumstance and any import/ customs taxes are for the client to cover as well. The adjustments are all done free of charge, or a new item will be made if the error was from my end. This is only possible if the garment/Wig is received by me in the condition it was shipped in without any attempts at fixing by the client or any other commissioner they may have contacted in the meantime.

if you had provided wrong measurements, then you will have to pay alteration fee + any shipping costs back and forth to send and receive the item.

If you made this far please copy and paste the following line in a message/ email to me: 

"So far so good!!"

14. Change in dress size: it is very common when you place an order for a costume that the deadline for the costumes is far ahead  6+ months usually. in some situations your size may change, be it more or less than the provided measurements. 

If I already had worked on your costume and your size is different now and am still working on your order - you will have to pay for any alterations required for the new fitting or remakes of any parts that would no longer fit you. Depending on how much change in size has happened, a new booking fee and deadline change maybe required to accommodate the extra work that was not planned for initially. 

I will always try to reach out closer to the time I draft patterns to ask you to double check measurements. If you feel you changed in size at any point in time, please do not wait for my message - just let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary changes. 
I need accurate measurements for making a pattern even for loose fitting items. so please take that point into serious consideration.

15. Damage from wear: any damage that happens after you have received and worn the item is no longer of relation to the order. Costumes and some wigs will be given care instructions that you must follow, regarding cleaning and storage. Wigs usually require a level of maintenance and care after each wear, which ranges from some brushing, hair spray, redoing a braid or a bun, and proper storage. A lot of wigs would require restyling at some point, You may send your wigs for re-styling or fixing if you cannot do the proper maintenance for them yourself, however that is done at an extra fee that will be discussed upon your request and viewing the level of work required on the wig, check here for more details. 


16. return shipping:  if you need to ship back a wig or costume for alteration or repair, any shipping back and forth and any custom taxes/ import duties will be for the client to pay for, unless otherwise specified.  if you send a parcel to me without tracking and it gets lost, It is not my responsibility. If you send it with tracking and insurance and it gets further damage or loss, the cost of repair or replacement will be your responsibility also, so in that case the client will have to file claim with the post and wait for insurance repayment to cover costs. so be sure to always get tracking and insurance and put the full value of the item in the documents in case such issues happen.  else insurance will not cover any costs. 

17. Credit where credit is due: If you post photos of yourself wearing items that I made for you (on Facebook, Instagram, your own website or any other social media portal where the images are shown to the public) I have the right to use your image for reference in my work portfolio and listings of similar items I wish to sell, and I will be of course giving you credit and link to your profile that has the image I used, and if you have credited the photographer or any other person who contributed to that photo, I shall add their credit also where needed. 

       Lack of credit: if you post photos of yourself wearing an item I made WITHOUT giving me credit I will still have the right to use your image and I will most likely not want to work with you again in the future. Custom made items are very personal - my entire work is dependent on being given credit so people know who they can contact for such items, so please be considerate. 

P.S: I will always contact you first to let you know I want to use a certain image. But if I do not hear back from you - I may still use the image regardless if I feel it will show the product better for potential other clients or listings I make. By agreeing to this policy - you agree to my right to use your photos for listings and portfolio. 



All commission orders for remote clients (people I do not meet in person for measurements or fitting) need to understand that there is always a small margin of error with sizing. I will make something according to your measurements, but not every strand of hair will fall nicely on your face, a cartoony wig may look bit too big on you or natural wig may sit on your head a bit not snug - That is not a measurement error or a sizing error. That is simply not being able to make something PERFECT remotely. 

Aesthetically pleasing is not a factor of this. if I make an item that you approve of and it mostly fits, but yo do NOT like it on you - that is no error on my part. I cannot be able to ensure such a thing, I can only do my best via proper measurements, patterns and getting your approval on an item prior to shipping. 

All items are made by hand, there will be no two items made exactly the same. There is always a small margin of difference. 

If you finished reading this please copy the following line in a message/ email to me: 

"I agree to the terms and conditions of this commission policy" 

Followed by your full name and date of when you read the policy 


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