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***Please only contact me regarding commissions via the website, email, or the shop's fb page, and not on Instagram or my private fb profile, note that I will not respond to messages just saying "hi, how much does a commission cost?" or "I would like an Elsa wig, how much would that be?" you must read the "how to place your order and send me the required details in full or I may not respond. 
***Also please keep your deadline and budget realistic, I am not ebay or Aliexpress, I charge by the hour for my work starting at 15 p/h + material costs + shipping and tax, and materials take time to acquire and production takes time as well, so I can only make a max number of items per month. I am a one woman show not a factory. 

I do not accept  partial costumes or wig parts clips/ extensions or buns etc. Only full costume and full wig designs, I do not make fur suits, body suits, muscle suits or any latex based items.

 It also needs to be something that peaks my interest, so I may not accept all the orders that comes my way if I don't feel drawn by the character/ design.  I can only make so many items on my own per year so I have to be selective.

I do not create replicas, I try to stay close enough to the design but it will always be part what the client requests (be it the materials or colors or alterations to the design)  and part what I was able to find and what I am able to do for the project to be wearable and comfortable and pack-able and within the budget of the client. 

Also please take into consideration that I WILL NOT replicate another artist's work, so do not contact me with someone's original design and ask me to make one exactly like it for you - contact the artist you like the work of and ask them if they take on commissions. If they do not accept commission, then you may ask their permission to have their design used. In some cases they may sell you the design.

How to place your order (Wig Commission) 

Examples of past work here

  • Send your character reference photos along side your deadline and shipping address to receive a price estimate. Please provide 2 deadlines, in case the first one is missed due to any unexpected delays.

  • If you have any special requests regarding the wig color or type (Lace front or cosplay wig), or if you need a custom size wig, then please also include that information in your message

  • Normally you should receive a response within the day with the estimate, if you agree to the price then we can discuss payment plans and other details.

  • You must read the commissions policy and agree to the terms in order for your order to be accepted. 

How to place your order (Cosplay)

Examples of past work here

  1.  Send your character reference photos, as many photos from different angles as you can find. 

  2.  If your costume is based on an animated character, it would be helpful to include photos of cosplayers who made a costume you like so its easy to see the level of detail you are after.

  3. Provide the character name and series/ game/ movie etc. 

  4. List the items you need made in detail. For example ( I need the blouse, the vest, gloves, belt, pants and shoes) 

  5. If you have any special requests regarding the material or exact color of the costume,include that in your message. For example (I do not want a shiny material for my dress, I would like real leather for the vest, I need the pants to be stretchy) 

  6. If you need to have any pockets made within the costume also mention that as pockets have an extra cost. For example (I need 2 pockets inside the jacket to fit my wallet and phone)

  7. Can make matching bag for your costume in case you need something that fits with the look.

  8. Normally you should receive a response within 2-3 days with the estimate, if you agree to the price then you may place your order.

  9. Any measurements required will be communicated after the order has been placed.

  10. You must read the commissions policy and agree to the terms in order for your order to be accepted. 

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