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Frequently asked Questions

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions, please do not hesitate to contact me if you cannot find a suitable answer to your inquiry. 

1. Is there a physical shop I can come to so I can buy my wigs there? 

Unfortunately this is an online shop, there is not actual shop you can go to. 

However there are 3 options to have your ordered picked up or delivered in person. You need to contact me in order to discuss the pick up details. 

a) Pick up from my own residential address in Belgium, this is usually common set up for custom made orders in case you are worried about damage from shipping.

b) Pick up your order at a convention in Belgium, even if I am not going, I always arrange with someone to delivery items on my behalf. 

2. I never had a cosplay wig before, will it fit my head? (have lots of hair, or bigger head size, etc) 

All the wigs here are made with an elastic cap base, that usually fits most head sizes. If you are concerned about the fitting, it is advised to check with a friend if they have a wig you can test out for sizing, or arrange to pick the wig up in person so you can try it on before buying it. 

3. Are the wigs full ? will it cover my  hair? 

The wigs all have the same weft count, unless stated otherwise in the description (example 70% volume, 130% volume or 150% volume) those wigs are usually meant for certain hair styles or characters. 

If you have a lot of hair and your hair is rather thick, it is advisable to get longer wigs as the length will provide better coverage. 

The amount of hair on any given wig is usually sufficient to cover the wig cap base. If you want a thicker wig, those are custom made and you should order them via the wig commissions section

4. Will my hairline show when I wear a cosplay wig? 

Your hairline may show through the back when wearing short wigs or show through the sides if the wig has no bangs. it is a common trick to have your own hair line sprayed with a color that matches the wig so any bits that pop through would somewhat mix in with the wig color, since the wigs are standard size and not customized to cover each person's head shape/ hairline, there will be some adjustments you have to make with your own hair to make the wig work for you.  If you want a custom hairline wig that matches your exact measurements, please go to the wig commissions section. 

5. What is the delivery time for my order? 

Most orders arrive within 1-2 days within Belgium and the Netherlands, but it may take a bit longer if there is some delay with the post, or during convention days or holidays, as I cannot ship orders on those days. If you are in a particular rush for your order, please let us know before placing your order.  If you live outside BE and NL we also ship there, please check here for more information on shipping.

6. Can I bulk order? 

Crafts n Cosplays is a small shop, normally I only keep few pieces of each style available so I can offer as many styles as possible. If you need a specific wig from 5 to 10 pieces, that would normally take around 3-5 weeks to have ready. For larger orders you must allow more time, depending on the specific quantity you request. There is also bulk prices offered depending on the quantity requested. 

7. Is it possible to have a catalog of the wigs sent to me so I can browse quicker? 

Yes that is possible, even though the catalog gets updated rather often so would be advisable to request a new catalog every 2 months or so. 

8. Are the wigs heat resistant? 

All the wigs at Crafts n Cosplays are heat resistant, so you can use heat tools on it for styling purposes, just be sure to start off with a  medium to low heat setting on your curler or straightener (do not use the ones that just turn on and off, they usually get too hot too fast). You may also use steamer or boiling water methods for curling. 

9. What is the best way to brush the wig? Can I wash the wig? Can I style the wig? etc

You can check the wig maintenance section for more information on wig care and what products you should use. There will be some tutorial videos available in the near future.

10. I would like to cancel my order. how can I proceed? 

You will have to contact me as soon as possible to cancel your order, unfortunately if your order has already been packed or shipped, then you may not cancel the order. 

11. I gave the wrong address is it possible to change it? 

If you let me know as soon as you notice that you entered the wrong address, I will adjust it. 

If the shipping label has been issued, you will have to pay for shipping cost again. 
If the package has been shipped to the wrong address that you provided, we will have to wait for the package to be returned, then you pay for new shipping and then I can ship it out to you with the new correct address. 

12. I did not receive confirmation of my order or tracking details for my package? 

Normally you get the email send once your order was processed, it may take up to 24 hours to process your order. If you hear nothing in 1-2 days, please contact me so I can assist you. 

13. My package is lost or damaged, what can I do? 

If your package arrives damaged, please contact us right away. Provide as many photos as you can of the item - also of the package itself before and after you open it. Please note that some tangles or some hair loss in wigs does not count as damage. Check terms and conditions for more information. 

If your package that is sent in NL or BE does not deliver in 10 business days, then you may contact us to file a lost item claim. It is a very rare to happen so please allow enough time for delivery as sometimes during holiday season or when there are strikes the delivery period slows down. 

14. I opted to pay with bank transfer but I entered the wrong order number or forgot to enter it, would that be a problem? 

Normally if you send the payment under your name the you entered with the order details, I will  be able to track it. If someone else did the payment, then please contact me so I can track the payment and confirm your order. Forgetting to enter your order number will slow down the process time of your order but its not a big issue, so don't worry. 

15. Can you sponsor my wig? or cosplay? do you give discounts for models or photographers? 

Unfortunately I do not currently offer any sponsorship or discounts for any individuals, only discounts are possible for bulk orders of 10 wigs or more. 

16. Can I model your wigs for discount? can you hire me for modeling the wigs? 

I am currently not looking to have any models for the shop, any photo seen with a worn item is of the cosplayer / individual who bought that item and shared their photo with me. I do not pay for those photos, that is freely provided by the cosplayer or photographer in the photo and are listed with their permission. 

17. I love your shop so much and would love to work there, are you hiring? 

Unfortunately this is a one woman show. I run the shop from A to Z , I sometime have friends help out with my stand at conventions but any communication, posts or custom made items are made by yours truly ;)

18. Do you speak Dutch or French? 

Nope for French, and somewhat for Dutch, I mainly speak English so please keep your communications in English if you want a fast response, otherwise I have to figure out what you are saying and will still respond in English. 

19. I have many followers on instagram or facebook, would it be possible to do a collaboration or offer me a discount in exchange for me linking your shop? 

Unfortunately I do not offer any discounts for any cosplayers with mass following, simply due to the nature of the followers, most of them are fans of this cosplayer's work and not necessarily cosplayers themselves or would be interested to buy wigs or costumes from me. Any shout out in general is very appreciated, but I have my own marketing strategies that are better suited for my activities.  This applies to models, photographers, bloggers etc. 

20. I won a giveaway, can I use my voucher on the website? 

It is not possible to order from the website using a giveaway voucher, you must contact us on facebook to be able to use it. Giveaways always have a time limit for when you can use it. Be sure to read carefully the instructions of the giveaway.

21. I messed up my wig can you fix it for me? 

Yes! that is possible, I will have to see the wig in person in order to assess its condition, sometimes if there is too  much damage its not really possible to fix it or would cost way more than the price of the original wig, in that case I would recommend you buy a new one. Most fixable wigs require 1-3 hours of work, it costs €15 per hour of work on fixing wigs. Send an email or message on facebook to discuss the arrangement. 

22. How often do you do workshops? 

There is really no certain time frame, I set the workshop dates whenever I have a free weekend and have a place to do them. Its much harder to set workshops in the summer time as it gets too hot indoors and using heat tools and such just makes it worse and with wig styling it is not possible to have a fan running near by. So I usually try to keep the workshops planned for times the weather is bearable. All workshops are arranged in Belgium, unless I manage to have something set up in the Netherlands in the near future. Check the workshop section for updates. 

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