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Accepted payment methods

When you place an order here you will be offered one of the following payment options: 

1) Credit/ Debit card 

This is a payment option is only for Visa and Mastercard holders, this does not apply to maestro or bankcontact or debit pin cards of any other type.

2) Paypal

This option is only available for those who have an already existing paypal account that is either connected directly to their bank account or connected to a credit card.

3) Bankcontact/ PIN

This option is a direct online bank transfer, please use this option for your bankcontact/ maestro cards.

4) iDeal 

This payment method is only available for customers with a Dutch bank account.

5) Offline payment

This method of payment will provide you the bank details for the shop so you can do a direct bank transfer through your online banking portal. Please note that choosing this option means you have to do the payment manually on your banking site, you will not be redirected automatically. The payment has to be received before your order is shipped out. 

If there is a problem with your payment please do not repeat the same method right away, try a different payment option first so you do not get your card blocked or cause an issue with your bank.

Feel free to send me a message if you need help choosing the payment option that suits you best. 

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