Custom styled wig for Disney's Princess Jasmine (inspired by the hairstyle of 2019 Aladdin Live action film)

The wig has a small lace section of 1 cm around the hairline and a lace middle part and is made from non heat resistant fiber (steamer can be used for restyling or maintenece , low temp blow dryer, but do not use electirc hair straightener or electric hair curler on the wig) 


The ponytail is easy to restyle, as it has no fillers, same for the wig base, so it's easy maintence/ restyle effort for a beginner princess. 


The wig cap is Small/ Medium size elastic base, will fit most average to small head sizes. If the average cosplay wig feels too tight or barely covers your head/ hair, then this wig is not the best fit for you, in that case contact me for a commission. price will be different. 
More wigs will be available in the near future, you can also contact me for more information regarding custom styles and commissions. 


Ready: Jasmine (Live Action) styled wig