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Ciri - The Wild Hunt cosplay and wig commission custom order for (JVH) 

This items is custom made for a particular client, please do not just order it at random. The order will be cancelled. 

Total price 990 euros 

Shipping cost not included

Soft deadline 1st April 2020

Hard deadline 1st August 2020

Items included: 

Lace front styled wig 




Arm bands


Belt with leather pouch

Payment of 490 euros upfront 

the remaining payment will be made in 100 euro increments over the following 5 months 

Feb, March, April, May and June


Ciri -Witcher 3 cosplay and wig commission

  • Client read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the commission policy. 

    This is a custom made item, no returns, refunds or exchange 

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