This is a commission request for a Severus Snape costume (Cloak, Tuni, Trousers and wig) 

Deadline indicated April 2022 for FACTS spring edition. 

custom cap size requested for the wig with the following measurements: 

The wig measurment:

  • 64 cm
  • 40 cm
  • 33 cm
  • 36 cm
  • 41cm
  • 19 cm


The total price quoted for the commission 1120 euros excluding any shipping cost (possible pick up or delivery to be arranged)

The amount is to be paid over 8 payments of 140 euros each payment. 


Noted details: 

Cloak to be dark gray with greenish tinit

Tunic and trousers match in fabric and be a smokey black color. 

Commission: Severus Snape cosplay + wig

  • Client read and agreed to the commission policy (2020 policy)