this workshop consists of 15 hrs of instruction, split over 3 days

with 1 hr break added on each day for the following dates: 

06 Sept 12:30 pm till 18:30 pm 
10 Sept 12:00 pm till 18:00 pm

12 Sept 12:00 pm till 18:00 pm


in this course you will learn how to: 

- basic sewing techniques (hand stitching/ machine stitching)

- taking measurements

- explaining fabric types and uses

- making a simple outfit which includes: 

    - planning and making list of materials and deciding on patterns

    - drafting basic pattern for bodice and skirt 

    - cutting and pinning 

    - stitching parts 

    - finishing and cleaning garment. 


Please note that each student has their own learning speed, so if you require more time to finish the project, you may opt to sign for an extra class or two. Do not stress and rush to get everything done in the alotted time. 

This course only covers entry level sewing techniquese. If you wish to further your knowledge you can sign up for more classes later that cover the "intermediate sewing course". 


cosplay making workshop