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Hinaria Darkend from Zenonzard

Cosplay + wig commission

This project will be made along side The Viking Elf for the props part of the costume

Full amount 1300 euros including shipping cost to USA for 2 parcels (wig + costume)



Goggles (The viking elf)

Hoodie with shoulder and back patch/ emblesm and light up cat ears on top (partially The viking elf)

shorts with pockets

yellow vest without sleeves or pockets

Cat paw shoes (partially The viking elf)

thigh high socks

Payment to be split as follows 

15 euros non refundable booking fee in March (shipping of 35 euros paid upon checkout)

250 euros first payment after 20th March

250 euros second payment in April 

250 euros third payment in May

200 euros  Last payment in June

300 euros one payment to The viking elf in July 


Hinaria Darkend cosplay + wig commission

  • Client read and agreed to the commission policy 

    this is a custom made item, no returns or refunds will be possible

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