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Wig commission for Morrigan Aesland - Darkstalkers

Hard front wig 

60 cm long 

Emerald green wig color 

extra volume - 2x weft packs


Deadline mid July 2024

Wig cost 400 EUR plus shiping cost to USA

Extra option to be paid at the end of the styling if selected:

 airbrushing darker shade - would cost 25 EUR extra 

wig price to be paid in 2 parts - each payment of 200 EUR 

shipping cost to be determined and paid upon completion. 


1. 53 cm

2. 28 cm

3. 28 cm

4. 33 cm

5. 34.5 cm

6. 18 cm



Morrigan Aensland wig commission

  • Client read and agreed to the commission policy

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