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Thief King Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh wig commission 

Natural hair style requested with longer hair similar to second photo and volume. 


deadline for the wig is Mid October 2024

Wig price is 435 EUR + shipping to be paid in 5 installments 

installment 1 to be paid in June 87 EUR

installment 2 to be paid in July 87 EUR

installment 3 to be paid in August 87 EUR

installment 4 to be paid in September 88,50 EUR

installment 5 to be paid early October 88,50 EUR

Shipping cost to be paid upon completion of the wig 85 EUR via UPS to USA


Thief King Bakura wig commission

87,00 €Preis
  • Client read and agreed to the commission policy via the commission submission form.

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