Wig styling workshop (Beginner class):                                                                                                  

Date:  Sunday 16 October 2022

Cost: 60 EUR

Time: 12:30 pm till 18:00 pm

Location:  9170 De klinge

Max capacity 3 People


What will you learn:

Take measurements

 Prepare a wig head for size

Prepare wig and wig station

 Crimping and other hair texturing techniques

Cutting the wig

 Making spikes

Making a glue hairline


You may bring your own tools and wig or buy the wig styling kit for the class for 70 EUR  (value of 80 EUR)

The tool kit includes the following items:

 - Wig (60-80 cm long)

- Wig head

 - Table clamp

 - T-pins

- Wig cap

 - Hair spray

- glue

 If you do wish to bring your own wig, please send me photos of the wig from the inside of the cap and showing the wig length so I can see if it is a suitable base to use for the class. It has to be a wig you are willing to cut up.

You may choose to bring all the items needed for the class but you will have to be sure to consult with me so that the right items are acquired. All other tools will be provided for the duration of the class; however, you may choose to bring your own styling tools along. T

ools you may bring along:

- Hair dryer

- Crimping / hair waffle tool

- Teasing comb/ brush

- Hair pins or clips


If you have any further questions please send me a message via the website or any social media platform. 

Wig styling workshop Sunday 16 October 2022

  • Please note that NO show = NO refund. 

    You may reschedule in case of emergency but please do so at least 1 day prior to the workshop date. 

    You get a partial refund if you cancel your attendence at least 7 days prior to the workshop date.  If you wish to cancel within the week of the workshop, you do not get any refund.