The first online wig styling workshop I will run, will be on Sunday March 7th 2021 from 13:30 to 16:30 (CET) It will be a Beginner workshop, which is suitable for anyone who has little to no styling experience with cosplay wigs.

Price of the workshop is 15 euros

The workshop will be run in English

The workshop will be 3 hours long. But I will be leaving it little flexible for breaks and technical issues in case any issues occur, so it could be done a little later than 16:30, so try to allow sufficient time on your schedule.

Minimum number of attendees will be 3, if I do not find 3 people to sign up for the workshop, then it will be moved to the Sunday of the week after.

What will be covered?

  • Taking measurements and adjusting wig head for styling.
  • How to set up for styling
  • Basic brushing and maintenance techniques
  • Hair cutting, thinning and layering
  • Using heat tools for styling
  • Styling instructions for a partial updo with curls and styled bangs (think a mix of Cinderella and Belle) that would cover several techniques that are handy for any beginner.

What do you need to have?

  • Wig of 70 to 85 cm length
  • Measuring tape
  • Cling wrap
  • Packing foam roll or fiber stuffing
  • Wig cap
  • Foam head
  • Stand for the wig head (or a table clamp)
  • Wig Brush/ comb
  • Teasing brush/ comb
  • Hair pins and variety of hair clips.
  • Hair spray
  • Curling iron (or foam curler and a hand steamer)
  • Hair straightener (optional)
  • Hair donut (optional)
  • Pearl headed sewing pins
  • Large sewing pins or wig Tpins.


If you need any of the supplies (except the curling iron or steamer), you can opt to buy a wig styling pack that will be shipped to you for FREE for clients in BE or NL.
International Clients, shipping cost depends on location, also shipping duration may not allow for on time delivery before 7th of March.

The styling pack is 60 euros and includes the following items:

Base wig: 26 to 32 euro (depending on length and color you choose)

Foam head (discounted due to slight damage on all my latest arrival): 5 euros

Table clamp: 10 euros

Wig Comb: 6,5 euros

Hair spray: 6,50 euros

Pack of hair pins: 3 euros

Teasing comb: 3 euros

Hair donut : 2 euros

Wig T pins : 0,50 euro

Foam sheet/ roll and stuffing for head size adjustment: 1 euro


If you only need few items from the list above, the price next to it is what you will pay on each item.

Please be attentive to your email as this is where I will send you the link for the Video meeting on the day of the workshop

Aside from the listed items for the styling, you also need to have a suitable set up for your phone, tablet or PC, sound system, good lighting and good internet connection.  I need to be able to see what you are doing so I can instruct you on how to proceed with each step.
I would like to have a quick chat with each attendee of the workshop as soon as they sign up to be sure of the set up and communication.

Once the payment is made for the workshop and/ or the items needed, cancellation will not be possible, so please be sure to clear your schedule for this day and allocated time.


Please note that the allocated workshop time is no guarantee for a finished wig project, as people work at different speeds. All I can guarantee is showing you all the required techniques and explain the steps required to get the style done. You can then finish it up on your own later.

Wig workshop 7 March 2021

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