14 June 2021

How's life everyone?

I am doing great I suppose. slowly but surely catching up to my late 2020 orders and so far most 2021 orders are going without much trouble. 
Materials are a still a hassle to get, and some are just simply no longer being produced (mainly the type of lace front wigs I used to use for most of my lace front commissions and I used to stock some for sale as well)


I also had to rely on getting wigs and fabrics from the UK in 2020 as the selection there was rather great, and since we had heavy lockdowns fabric expos were no longer possible. After Brexit at the start of 2021 it really caused many issues with customs etc so I am currently not able to get new materials till July as many of the shops I frequent will be signing up to the IOSS system and customs issues will be resolved for the bigger part. Other shops I just have to charge extra on materials to cover import duties and custom taxes. 

There will be no workshops planned for 2021, I thought to get some online workshops going but the interest was rather low so I decided to just give it a break. It seems most people like to attend an actual workshop. so hopefully next year I can resume those. 

I also do not plan to attend any conventions this year.  Even though I have my vaccine appointment end of the month - I still do not feel like I will be comfortable in a large setting with people around me everywhere. after a full year of lockdown, getting back to society is not an easy feat. 

Regarding outstanding commission orders and delayed shipping:

For those who got delayed with payment, please contact me to re-schedule your deadline. Any delay in payment will lead to a delay in delivery and most likely a complete reschedule for a new deadline that will be at my first opening after all currently paid orders. 

For late delivery with shipping, I honestly tried my best to ship everything on time, but it seems there are still delays with shipments. I tried to send items via Bpost and PostNL and the results were rather similar for International shipping, delays mostly for USA, and slight delays to the UK, no delays noticeable for EU orders. 

If you want to place a new commission order with me please be sure to have a deadline of November  2021 or later as a preferred deadline.

For any delay with shipping or damage or loss of package, please refer to the information provided here

About The Shop

Little online wig shop based in Belgium run by a cosplayer for cosplayers. With focus on providing quality products for new and seasoned cosplayers all around the world.

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