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05 NOV 2022 news

Hello my lovelies!

This is a long and overdue update. This year has been a very tough year for me. Aside from having a bunch of random health issues all year long, it was generally not easy for me to get back on track with my work.

This year marks the lowest output of commission items I made, not due to lack of interest from clients or incoming orders, it is just my speed of work got impacted by my health issues, so that has really messed up with my drive and made me question my abilities to carry on with Crafts n Cosplays. I have been contemplating stopping,  but I honestly do not see myself doing anything else. I still love what I do, and I wanted to try and give it another shot with some changes. Your support really matters!


I plan to rework Crafts n Cosplays in a way that matches the changes needed in my life. Starting with – making more space in my workshop and reducing my storage a bit, selling base wigs is not fun for me anymore and takes up a lot of work, and in the end most people still prefer to buy cheaper wigs from AliExpress or the more expensive wig brands so someone selling medium range wigs like me is not really needed in the current market.  

I feel most customers only resort to buying from my shop when they need something delivered the next day for last minute cosplans or because what they ordered from AliExpress is not yet delivered or they got something they did not like and have no time to exchange it. This creates an un needed stress for me to rush with shipments and this in general is not enough sales for me to survive on.

Just being a backup vendor is not sustainable for me financially and I can no longer justify doing this. I love helping people out but I also need to make a proper income for myself.  Even selling at events has become a financial and physical burden. Most events are charging so much money and cost of transport+ lodging + food and paying for helpers etc., is just adding up to make it not worth the effort at all. It would be best for me instead to make 1 or 2 commissions or run a couple of workshops and work in the comfort of my own home in my pajamas than to sell base wigs at events.

So, after this long explanation - In 2023 and moving forward the plan would be the following:

  1. Once my current hard front wigs collection is out of stock, I will not be restocking them. most items available are last piece.

  2. I will continue to sell some lace front wigs as I do need to have a decent stock available for my use in commission work.

  3. My focus will be on commission work (wigs and cosplays)

    • My main work will be wig making and styling

    •  Custom fake facial hair

    • Will only accept 5 cosplay commissions per year, as to allow me enough time to make costumes for myself and my husband.

  4. I will be running more workshops for wig styling and cosplay making, this includes (sewing, leather making and other miscellaneous crafts)

  5. The only event in 2023 I plan to attend as a wig vendor is Manga en Cosplay festival in Hasselt, BE.  Other events I may attend as an artist to promote my commission work.

  6. Finally, I will attempt to put out a few tutorials on my website and some free videos on YouTube.


I do hope you guys support me with all those changes with Crafts n Cosplays.  If you want to help me with getting rid of some of my stock, please buy any wigs you may find useful to you and if base wigs are not interesting to you then I hope you would reach out to me for commission work. 

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