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Vacation Dates
05 Feb 2023 till 20 Feb 2023

28 Jan 2023 Update

Hello my lovelies!

A new year = a new start yeah?!

Well, not all changes will be to everyone's liking, but due to ongoing health issues, I do not expect I will be selling base wigs at conventions this year. May one event or 2 max, to get rid of my current stock. 

My focus will be on giving workshops (sewing/ wig styling) and taking commissions. 

Commissions Status is currently OPEN for any deadline past March 2023

I ship internationally, and shipping cost/ duration is not expensive in most cases. 

Workshops take place in De Klinge, Belgium. 

I may arrange some workshops at certain events in BE and NL somewhere down the line. 

I also offer online instructions and consultation. if you are interested in booking a video appointment please check here 

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About The Shop

Little online wig shop based in Belgium run by a cosplayer for cosplayers. With focus on providing quality products for new and seasoned cosplayers all around the world.
Check the available items and commissions tab for more info, and do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries  you may have. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding the Online Store and inventory. I'am happy to help in every way I can.

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