20 April 2022

 A super over due update ^^

Base wig sales:

Given the global inflation in prices with .. everything, I unfortunately had to increase prices of the base wigs available in the shop. Shipping costs also went up so things have been rather affected at the Crafts n Cosplays house.
I have not had time to sort out any new wigs yet, but I do have a new collection to add to the shop from standard 75 cm lace fronts to standard hard front wigs of various styles and colors. 
There are more items listed up in the wig supplies section, so be sure to check that out. 

Commission work: 

I am currently fully booked for May and June deadlines for any Cosplay work, for Wigs I have limited availability for June deadlines.
Any later deadlines I am still able to work with, so for more info on what I make and how to order a cosplay costume or a wig from me please check the commission section for more detailed information or send me a message. 

Shipping and outstanding order:

Shipping both Local (BE and NL) and international seem to be fully recovered and deliveries are going at a more or less normal speed but prices have risen by a bit. 

Workshops and events: 

I plan to bring the wig styling workshops back! Will take place at my new workshop in Belgium, also I plan to start a sewing workshop for one on one sewing lessons or group projects.
I also plan to offer workshop space rental. As I have a decent space that can be of use to some people to work on their projects if they have no space to work in and have access to a variety of tools.

Currently my only "exhibitor" event that is confirmed for this year is Abunai in Veldhoven, NL (12-14 August 2022) 
You can check the events section or instagram for updates.

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