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Wig Commissions

Wig commissions covers a wide range of customization, starting at simple cutting to adjusting the length of the fringe, or shortening or layering a wig, curling or straightening or all over styling the wig to suit your cosplay. Custom wig sizes are also available upon request. For restyling or fixing a wig you have please check here

Check my Instagram account to see more or my work 


Since each order is rather unique, the pricing is varied depending on what you order. You will only get a proper cost estimate when you contact me with your request. 

Please bare in mind that I charge an hourly rate of 15 euros + materials costs + shipping materials and shipping fee + 21% BTW, so do not expect that I can make a proper wig for 30  or so euros. 

Any shipping or transaction fees are not included in the price provided. Please read all the information below before contacting me for a quote.

How to Place your order

Please only contact me regarding commissions via: 

1- website contact form

2 - facebook page 

3- email 

I will not respond to any messages sent to Instagram, or my private facebook profile.

***Please note that I do NOT make wig parts, clips, buns, extensions. I only style a full wig with all the parts needed to come with it. I also do not use or style real human hair, I am not a hair dresser***


You must send your request in the following format: 

  • Send your character reference photos + your deadline (you must provide a deadline as I work on deadline basis)  and shipping address to estimate shipping cost and delivery time when I issue you an estimate.

  • If you have any special requests regarding the wig color or type (Lace front or hard front cosplay wig), or if you need a custom size wig, then please also include that information in your message

  • You must read the commissions policy and agree to the terms in order for your order to be accepted. 

Please also specify if you need a custom size wig cap as any commission request I assume I am only styling a standard size wig. 

Any measurements required will be communicated AFTER the order has been placed and paid for.


I operate 95% online and offer pickup or in person delivery in rare cases where it is possible, do not assume that is the normal arrangement. You will have to be ok with shipping your order to your address. 

Delivery Time

For simple requests such as cutting bangs, or general wig length adjustments- normally it takes a few days time, any other order will be on deadline basis. If the deadline you provided was accepted, then you should expect your order to arrive to you about 1 week before that deadline, unless otherwise specified.


Some orders may be of a higher price and to make things easy for you - I accept payment in parts. The amount of payments and duration can be discussed and agreed upon before you place your order. 

Once your order is approved I will set up a link here on the website and send it to you, so you can use any of the website's payment methods (bankcontact, credit card, paypal, iDeal, and manual bank transfer)

Only fully paid orders will be shipped out - No exceptions!

Order Process

After your order is confirmed and you sent payment for it, be it full or partial payment, I will immediately order the materials required and plan the work for it in my schedule where it would meet your deadline. 
I do not send any work in progress photos and I would not contact you at any point regarding any updates unless I require your input with something specific. 

Please DO NOT contact me asking when your wig will be done, or how things are going?
I have noted your deadline when you submitted your order and will aim to have it done and delivered by that deadline. 

I have a full schedule and any unnecessary communication either distracts or stresses me and you will not get any beneficial response besides "it will be done on time" so please be considerate of that.

IF the wig is not done on time, I will communicate that before hand, as to allow you time to reschedule your shoot or arrange for another costume to be ready. A delay is NOT a cancellation of your order, that is simply a delay due to any number of circumstances. You may find more details regarding this issue in the commission policy that you must agree to before the order is accepted. 

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