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Commissions Policy

Please read this to the end, applies to alll commission orders 


1. There is a €15 booking fee that is deducted from total amount quoted, and is non refundable once your spot is booked.

If  you choose to delay or rush the order and my schedule allows it, there will be another €15 booking fee required, so its additional cost.


2. Payment is possible in parts; however you must pay at least 50% of the total before work starts on your order, unless otherwise specified.


3. Once payment (full or partial) has been made, and you wish to cancel your order before work starts on it, there will be a 20% from the total held as cancellation fee in addition to the booking fee.

Any custom made items are final sale items. You may not cancel or change your order once work has been started on your item. Any further alterations will be at additional cost.


4. Once work is started on your order, cancellation will not be possible. Any remaining balance is expected to be paid.

Late payment: that would affect your delivery deadline, so please ensure to send payment on the discussed times. 


5. Nonpayment: for orders that are being paid in part, if you stop paying further payments and force a cancellation you will be charged €30 fine on cancellation. If the work on your order has not yet started, you get the remaining amount you paid refunded. Any material costs will be deducted from the refund if they had already been bought. For orders that have work started on them, you receive NO refund and if you do not continue payment for your order in 90 days from contact regarding missed payment, then your order will be marked as "abandoned" and will be an item put up on sale for someone else to buy upon completion. In this case you will not receive any refund on that order.


6. If  you wish to change your order, that is possible only if work is not yet started on the original order + materials have not yet been bought and that there is enough time between the change of order and the new deadline (4 weeks is usually sufficient minimum for wigs, 10 weeks for costumes, unless otherwise discussed). There will be a new booking fee of €15 charged on the change of order. Also that new order MUST be a commission of similar value, if for example you order an item for €100 and now you wish to change to an order worth €30, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% from the original amount + the €15 booking fee, in that case you get charged €35 and then you must pay a new €30 for your new order.  


7. If package arrives damaged, you may NOT ask for a refund, but you may ask to have the product fixed (or replaced if there is too much damage), however that would most likely not meet your original deadline and you must ship back the item you have at your own cost. Drop off/ pick up at a convention can be arranged.

8. For wig commissions, unless the commission is to make a custom size wig, any other styling commission is worked on a standard size wig, so you must be sure that a standard cosplay wig fits your head prior to placing your order. We are not responsible if the wig does not fit you under styling commissions, only in custom cap commissions the sizing is taken into consideration.


9. Wrong size: provided that you have given the correct measurements and still received an item that does not fit, you may ship back the item for size alteration. Shipping costs are for the client to pay, the adjustments are all done free of charge. This is only possible if the garment is received in the condition it was shipped in without any attempts at fixing by the client.


10. Orders of higher value in NL or BE will be charged an extra insurance cost to cover any damages done by the courier, international insurance may cover up to a certain amount depending on each country. This will be discussed prior to shipping.


11. I do not send WIP photos or any progress photos, the only time you will hear from me during work on a project, is when I have a question regarding something and need your input such as with Measurements, wig or fabric color, level of details, certain textures etc. so there is no benefit to asking me constantly "how is my project going?!" I will not provide you with any details other than "it will be done on time"


12. I work on deadline basis, so for example if  you place your order in March, with a deadline provided to be in October, then your item will be ready and delivered just a week or so before your provided deadline unless otherwise agreed up when placing your order.


13. If I cancel your order, you will receive your full paid amount. Cancellations could happen at any time, even if last minute (due to any emergency situation for example). So please take that into consideration when making your order.


14. Missed deadline is NOT a cancellation, this almost never happens, but it is a possibility after all. You will not receive any refund since your order is being made.  All I can provide is a new deadline for your item and deliver it on time.


15. Damage from wear: any damage that happens after you have received and worn the item is no longer of relation to the order. Costumes will be given care instructions that you must follow, regarding cleaning and storage. Wigs usually require a level of maintenance and care after each wear, which ranges from some brushing, hair spray, redoing a braid or a bun, and proper storage. You may send your wigs for re-styling or fixing if you cannot do the proper maintenance for them yourself, however that is done at an extra fee that will be discussed upon your request and viewing the level of damage.


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