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Commissions Policy

Please read this to the end, applies to alll custom made orders 


1. For any commission order there will be a booking fee. The fee is €85 for wig commissions and €150 for cosplay commissions of value less than €500 and €300 booking fee on anything above €500.

That amount is included in the estimate given to you for any order.  The booking fee is NOT an extra cost.  


2. Payment plans are available on all orders; depending on the order amount, there may be a surcharge  (extra fee asked) for orders with more than 3 payment installments.  

If you opt for a payment plan please note the following rules: 

  • You must remember to send your payments on time, it is NOT my responsibility to remind you.

  • Any missed or late payment on your part would cause a delay with the order completion date/ deadline. I will have to book a new slot in my schedule and it may take months to reschedule the work, so please be sure to pay your installments on time. 

  • depending on the amount of delay caused by late payment, this may incur a new booking fee to be paid. I prioritize fully paid orders when it comes to arranging my schedule.

  • please note that if you miss a payment for 3 months or more  without giving notice, there will be a fine of 10% to 20% of the total order amount. 

  • For payments delayed 3-6 months there will be a 10% fine

    For payments delayed 6-12 months there will be a 15% fine

    For payments delayed more than 12 months there will be 20% fine or in a lot of cases the order will be considered abandoned and a fine + cancellation fee will be incurred.  see more about cancellation below. 

if you refuse to pay the fine to continue on with your order, you may then choose to cancel the order, go to point 3.

3. you wish to cancel your order

if the cancellation request comes after some or all payment has been received, but before work starts on the order, there will be a 25% from the total held as cancellation fee in addition to the booking fee + any transaction fees+ any fines due to late payments if applies to your situation, in addition to any material costs that were purchased.

You may choose to get the materials sent to you of course, a shipping fee will be asked in this case if the shipping was not already paid.

Any custom made items are final sale items. You may not cancel or change your order once work has been started on your item. Any further alterations will be at additional cost more info below.


Once work is started on your order, cancellation will not be possible. Any remaining balance is expected to be paid. if you refuse or cannot pay the remaining balance see next point.


4. Nonpayment: for orders that are being paid in part, if you stop paying for your order and the work on your order has not yet started refer to #3.

For orders that have work started on them, you receive NO refund and if you do not continue payment for your order in 90 days from contact regarding missed payment, then your order will be marked as "abandoned" and you will lose the ownership and any claim on that item or any amounts paid. 


5. If  you wish to change your order, that is possible only if work is not yet started on the original order + materials have not yet been bought and that there is enough time between the change of order and the new deadline (3 months is usually sufficient minimum for wigs, 6 months for costumes, unless otherwise discussed). There will be a new booking fee charged on the change of order. Also that new order MUST be a commission of similar value, if for example you order an item for €500 and now you wish to change to an order worth €200, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% from the original amount + the €85 booking fee for the original order, in that case you get charged €210 just to cancel/ change your initial order. So it is very much discouraged to opt for a cancelation or change in order. Be sure of what you want when you order your commission work from me. 


6.  In case of damaged goods:

I may only issue a partial refund if you wish to ask for a refund, I would only refund the amount I get through insurance claim if you provide sufficient documentation of the damage of the package and the item and send all this information to me within 3 days of receiving the parcel so I can file a claim with the insurance through the shipping company. Depending on your location it may be your job to file the claim for your item. If you do not take responsibility of proper documentation of the damage, I cannot help you further. This is very vital, take photos of the parcel before opening it, if you find any obvious damage on the box, or if the parcel seems to have been opened before it got to you. Videos and photos as much as you can in GOOD light. No need to rush to open a parcel if you cannot document the damage properly- I will not be able to get the insurance coverage, that is for the benefit of you and me. 

If you wish to have the item repaired by me, then please note that shipping costs back and forth and any customs/ import taxes would be for you to cover. I can only offer free repair or in case of heavy damage I can offer replacement of the item when insurance coverage money is paid and I can use it to purchase new materials. 

 Damage from wear and use is NOT counted as damage. Only damage from shipping will be considered.  

7. If package is lost:

In my 10 year of doing business, I have only had 2 parcels lost and were of low value (30 euros or under). so that is really a very rare occasion to happen - However I always ship items with insurance coverage and requiring signature on delivery however some items may have limited insurance and that is something I would mention to you prior to shipping your item, in case you opt for a different carrier (at a different cost). An item is only considered LOST when the shipping company deems it to be Lost, this usually means that there has been no update on the tracking for 30 business days or longer.  If the tracking says the item was delivered - It is no longer my responsibility and the shipping company will not consider it a lost item and an insurance claim cannot be filed in this case. I only consider an item lost if tracking is not updating or if the shipping company deems the parcel lost and insurance claim can be filed. 
if the parcel was stolen from your own building/ door. that is not my problem or responsibility and I cannot refund you for this misfortune.  All items I ship have signature requirements but in certain countries (USA for example) it is up to the discretion of the post agent, in most cases they leave the parcels at your door step. You can always opt for delivery at a parcel pick up point to avoid such issues or to someone's address that you know is home at delivery times. Also you should check the tracker daily to be sure which day it is scheduled for delivery to ensure the availability of someone at home who can accept the parcel.


8. Wrong size: provided that you have given the correct measurements and still received an item that does not fit, you may ship back the item for size alteration. Return shipping costs are for the client to pay at any given circumstance and any import/ customs taxes are for the client to cover as well. The adjustments are all done free of charge if the error was from my end. This is only possible if the garment/Wig is received in the condition it was shipped in without any attempts at fixing by the client or any other commissioner they may have contacted in the meantime. if you had provided wrong measurements, then you will have to pay alteration fee + any shipping costs back and forth to send and receive the item.

9. I do not send WIP photos or any progress photos unless I deem it necessary , the only time you will hear from me during work on a project, is when I have a question regarding something and need your input such as with measurements, wig or fabric color, level of details, certain textures etc. so there is no benefit to asking me constantly "how is my project going?!" 

Following up on your order too often will only create anxiety and stress for me, and then I will not enjoy the work on the order and may not produce the best output and simply just try to get it done as soon as possible just so that you would stop contacting me and cut the nagging off.  I will also mark you down as "do not work with again", I do have a list of names I wish not to add more to it.

If after reading this you insist on contacting me about your order too often, I will simply cancel your order and wish you a good luck finding another commissioner who would meet your deadline and fall within the cost range I had offered. I believe my prices are very fair and not easy to find someone who produces the same quality for price as I do. quality does not mean fast, so patience is really KEY. 

But please feel free to reach out with reminders, if you feel I may have forgotten about your order or you simply wish to remind me that your order is expected to be shipped out in the coming week or two then please do. I am human after all and I CAN sometimes forget things. Even reminders and work schedules can have mistakes on dates and such. Delays with materials and delivery can also happen so just a reminder before your deadline would be appreciated.  

I do post to my stories WIP but with no particular indication to what I am working on, you may follow me on FB or Ig to see the stories and posts.


10. Credit where credit is due: If you post photos of yourself wearing items that I made for you (on Facebook, Instagram, your own website or any other social media portal where the images are shown to the public) I have the right to use your image for reference in my work portfolio and listings of similar items I wish to sell, and I will be of course giving you credit and link to your profile that has the image I used, and if you have credited the photographer or any other person who contributed to that photo, I shall add their credit also where needed. 

       Lack of credit: if you post photos of yourself wearing an item I made WITHOUT giving me credit I will still have the right to use your image and I will most likely not want to work with you again in the future. Custom made items are very personal - my entire work is dependent on being given credit so people know who they can contact for such items, so please be considerate. 

P.S: I will always contact you first to let you know I want to use a certain image. But if I do not hear back from you - I may still use the image regardless if I feel it will show the product better for potential other clients or listings I make. By agreeing to this policy - you agree to my right to use your photos for listings and portfolio. 

11. I work on deadline ,  even though I am slowly shifting to slot systems, I still do deadline based work, I normally need 2 deadlines provided. the first deadline will be the one I aim for of course, but in case of delays with materials or having any issues with the project itself, or in case of unexpected health issues that cause me to take time off or work at a slower pace than normal,  I may need longer time to finish your order so a secondary deadline is required. 

Most items will arrive to you 1-2 weeks prior to your deadline, unless otherwise mentioned (such as express shipped orders would arrive in 2-3 days to most locations and orders that are to be delivered or picked up in person can be delivered day before the event or at the event itself)   

If am running late with your order due to whatever reason, and you had paid for standard shipping, but due to the deadline approaching I tell you express shipping would be needed in order to meet the deadline - You will then have to pay the price difference for express shipping. I will not pay that amount out of pocket. Any delay with original completion schedule is never intentional on my part and I cannot predict the future, I can only promise to do my best for my clients. 

12. I have the right to cancel your order at any given time, even if it is a day before your deadline. That has rarely ever happened . I just have to mention this as in a case of emergency for example - you never know what to expect. If I cancel your order myself - you receive the fully paid for amount including your booking fee.  if you choose to continue your order with me, I cannot guarantee a specific deadline till things clear up on my end, 2020 started a bit of a roller coaster for my work schedule that I have yet to recover from.


13. A missed deadline is NOT a cancellation, this almost never happened prior to 2020, there has been a big pile up with orders due to lack of materials and lock downs and health issues etc etc. so my work timeline just took a dive. 

No refunds or discounts on missed deadlines,  All I can provide is a new deadline for your order.

 If you caused the missed deadline due to lack of communication, not sending measurements on time or late payment - it is then NOT counted as a missed deadline to me, as the delay was from your end, so a new deadline or 2 will be noted depending on how my schedule looks like. a new booking fee may be required in this situation. 


14. Damage from wear: any damage that happens after you have received and worn the item is no longer of relation to the order. Costumes and some wigs will be given care instructions that you must follow, regarding cleaning and storage. Wigs usually require a level of maintenance and care after each wear, which ranges from some brushing, hair spray, redoing a braid or a bun, and proper storage. A lot of wigs would require restyling at some point, You may send your wigs for re-styling or fixing if you cannot do the proper maintenance for them yourself, however that is done at an extra fee that will be discussed upon your request and viewing the level of work required on the wig, check here for more details. 

15. Change in dress size: it is very common when you place an order for a costume that the deadline for the costumes is far ahead in time 6+ months usually. in some situations your size may change, be it more or less than the provided measurements. 

If I already had worked on your costume and your size is different now and am still working on your order - you will have to pay for any alterations required for the new fitting or remakes of any parts that would no longer fit you. Depending on how much change in size has happened, a new booking fee and deadline change maybe required to accommodate the extra work that was not planned for initially. 

I will always try to reach out closer to the time I draft patterns to ask you to double check measurements. If you feel you changed in size at any point in time, please do not wait for my message - just let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary changes. 
I need accurate measurements for making a pattern even for loose fitting items. so please take that point into serious consideration.

16. return shipping:  if you need to ship back a wig or costume for alteration or repair, any shipping back and forth and any custom taxes/ import duties will be for the client to pay for, unless otherwise specified.  if you send a parcel to me without tracking and it gets lost, It is not my responsibility. If you send it with tracking and insurance and it gets further damage or loss, the cost of repair or replacement will be your responsibility also, so in that case the client will have to file claim with the post and wait for insurance repayment to cover costs. so be sure to always get tracking and insurance and put the full value of the item in the documents in case such issues happen.  else insurance will not cover any costs. 


17. Once an order is shipped, it is no longer my responsibility , it is literally in the hands of the shipping company and there is nothing I can do to help you at this point. if there is a delay with delivery - which can happen, even rushed orders can face such an ill fate - that is NOT in my power to control. If the delivery agent decides to leave the parcel at the door and not knock or hide it behind the fence or anything at all - again - that is not my responsibility. My responsibility ends the moment I hand off the parcel to the post office.  I finish things when I finish things and hand them off when they are in good order. I NEVER ship out something without sending photos for approval from the client. I also never ship out something that is half finished. 

Also please note that any customs or taxes or delay for custom inspection is not common for most orders, and again - NOT my responsibility if it does happen. I work with international orders and cannot keep track on all countries exact rules that I ship to. That is information for the client to know about. I will only share what I know if applicable to the order. 



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