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Commission order for the following items: 


- wig 

- eyebrows

- beard patch

- sideburns

- cloack with 2 layers in 2 different colors, hood and sleeves

- kimono with vinyl emblems and green belt

- blue body suit top (no sleeves) to match blue skin tone, with vinyl tattoo emblem.

- gloves to match the blue skin tone

- ankle high socks to match blue skin tone 


Deadline requested September 2024

Order total is 1895 EUR plus shipping or delivery cost if requested. 

The total is to be paid over a payment plan discussed with the client. 

Total paid as of 23/09/2023 = 500 EUR 


Jinbei cosplay and wig commission

€ 500,00Preis
  • Client read and agreed to the commission policy. 


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