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Mija (Great fairy - Legend of Zelda) wig commission 

Rush order requested for Abunai deadline  with delivery by 05 Aug 2023


total for the order including shipping to NL 350 EUR

Total to be paid over 2 installments in June/ July period. 


Wig measurements: 

1. 60 cm

2. 34 cm
3. 31 cm
4. 31 cm
5. 36 cm
6. 15 cm


Wig color requested by client in lilac 

lace front hairline and bunched curls in the back with possibility of loose hair / flowy hair for ease of brushing/ restyling when needed. 


Mija - Legend of Zelda wig commission

  • client read and agreed to the commission policy

    This is a custom made order - no return, exchange or refund will be possible.

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