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Wig care and  maintenance 

Cosplay wig is unlike real hair, the fibers are synthetic and require special care to both untangle and remove static from the wig (as static charge is common occurrence with all synthetic materials)

Its not easy to follow written instructions, there will be videos put up soon in the tutorial section to address all the wig maintenance questions and better illustrate the steps mentioned here. you may also opt to attend any of the wig styling workshop where you can learn how to care for and style your wig. Check here for more details.

For wig supplies such as combs, foam heads, table stands etc, please check here

1- Storage: try to keep your wig stored in the same manner you receive it, if it comes in a plastic bag with a net around it, keep it that way. If you buy a styled wig and is sent to you on a foam head, keep it propped up on the head and cover it with a plastic bag to avoid dust settling on it.

2- Washing: it is not recommended to wash your wig often, only when needed, if you got dust or stains on the wig or if you had a photo shoot and you laid down on the ground, etc. if your wig is straight then nothing will change, but curly wigs tend to loosen up the curls when washed, so you might need to re curl them. of course if your wig is styled and has hair gel or spray on it, that will be gone when you wash the wig, so you will need to restyle the wig.

To wash the wig simply bring a large bowl or bucket (big enough to comfortably fit the wig with decent water coverage on it) put warm water in the bucket and add 1/2 a cup of fabric softener. place the wig in the water and squish it gently with your hands. if you got stains on your wig or you wish to remove hair product from the wig, use dish soap, then rinse the wig well and after that you can wash it with water and fabric softener. Fabric softener is great to remove any static charge on the wig and will help soften the fibers to ease brushing.

Hang the wig to dry and comb when it is 100% dry.

3- Heat tools: you can use hair straighteners on the wig on low heat setting to get the wig straight. you can also use a hair curler to add waves/ curls on to the wig. the wigs can handle heat up to 180 C.

4- Curling a wig: to add curls to a wig simply buy some non metal hair curlers, roll the hair onto the curlers and then place the wig in a an empty container and cover in boiling water. (boil water in a kettle after the kettle turns off, let it sit for 5 to 10 mins then pour the water on the wig) let the wig sit in the water for 1-2 mins. then take the wig out, then place the wig in cold water for 2 minutes and then take it out and let it dry completely. After that take the curlers out and separate the curls or brush lightly with a wide comb to get the desired volume.

Other option is to use hair curlers and then use a steamer on the curls, then let the wig sit there for an hour or two -  make sure its not warm or damp when you take out the curlers. 

Using an electric hair curler is also an option, just be sure to get one with temp control and start on low heat setting, mist the wig with some water and curl a section, do not take long on the hair, take out the curling iron and clip the curl in on itself, till its cooled down and then you can take out the clip and the curl will have taken shape. 

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