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Wig restyling and fixing

Here at crafts n cosplays you have the option to send your wig that you want to have restyled or fixed. Provided that the hair is not severely damaged, as damaged hair cannot be fully restored and time taken to fix that damage could cost the same or more than the price of making a whoe new wig for your cosplay. 


The work is charged by the hour, the rate is any material costs + €15 per hour (even if the wig takes 20 mins work, it will be charged for the full hour as that is the minimum) + shipping cost


Normally I need to see the wig in person before I can estimate the amount of work/ hours that will go into it, so I can only give an accurate quote once I received the wig. However please note that it maybe the case that I recommend you just pay for a brand new styled wig as the cost would be more sensible. Shipping back and forth of any wig is for the customer, you can of-course opt to bring the wig to me at my residence or if we can meet up at any event in NL or BE that I plan to attend, please check Events tab for the list of conventions I will be going to in 2020 


Send a message here or on facebook or email to request a wig fix/ restyle. 


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