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Shipping Information


Shipping is handled by Bpost

Please be sure to check your email for tracking information sent by bpost. Also please check your post box at home in case of missed delivery, the post agent will leave you a note in your box to go collect the package from your local post point. 

The Netherlands

Shipping is handled by Post NL

Please check your post box at home in case of missed delivery, the post agent will leave you a note in your box to go collect the package from your local post point. If the package is small enough it is common to be deposited in your post box without the post man ringing your door bell, or in some cases they would leave the package with your neighbor. 

Europe Zone 1

Shipping for the following countries by Bpost or Post NL:

- Austria

- Denmark

- France

- Germany

- Italy 

- Luxemburg

- Spain

- Sweden

Shipping cost starts at €20 for tracked package, delivery time is 2-5 business days. Price might change depending on the total price of your order as insurance will increase accordingly to cover any loss or damage. 

For other shipping options such as express post, insured post or other services like DHL, GLS or Fedex, please contact us

Europe Zone 2 and Rest of the world

Shipping is handled by Post NL (Dutch post)

Price depends on the destination and weight of the package , starts at €20 so please make sure to contact us before placing your order. 

For other shipping options such as DHL, GLS or Fedex, please contact us

Lost or Damaged parcel

ALL shipments are tracked and some are insured to cover a certain amount in case of damage or loss. 


In case of damage:

For non commission items which are normally not covered by insurance -  you must ship back the damaged item and once I receive it, and given I have a similar item in stock, then I will send the replacement to you right away. 

Please note that shipping the item to me will be something you must pay for. 

If I have no replacement, I will offer you a refund on your order amount. 

All custom made orders have insurance coverage on them, so in case of damage you must contact me as soon as you receive the package, try to take as many photos or videos of the package and the contents in GOOD light and send them to me so I can file an insurance claim. 

The insurance claim is normally refunded to me and with that money I will replace the materials for the order and remake it if needed or cover the shipping back cost so that I can fix it for you if the item can be fixed. 

I will never fully remake something if it can be fixed. So please do not expect to keep that damaged item, IT MUST BE SHIPPED BACK to me. 

You will not be receiving a refund on your order for damage, that insurance coverage is only to there to cover the replacement and mitigate the damage to this situation.

If you need any further adjustments that were not included in the main order, you will have to pay extra for that. 

In case of  lost package:

Case 1 (package only has a tracker)

If the tracker is not updating, please wait a little longer - it may still be in transit

If the tracker updated to delivered, but you did no receive it - then please ask around at your neighborhood if someone else had it delivered to them by accident, also be sure to check your mail box if the post agent left you a not for picking up at your local post point. 

If you still cannot find the parcel, then you may contact me for further assistance.  Normally this process may take up to 30 days to resolve.

Case 2 (package has tracker and proof of delivery/ signature)

This case almost never happens, but if someone signed for your parcel and you did not get it , even with insurance coverage you will not be getting a refund or replacement on it - as the postal company will refuse to give the insurance coverage if the tracker clearly states delivery was successful.  

This is then a theft/ stolen item case, not loss or damage, and I am afraid it is out of my hands and I cannot offer much help for you. Someone forged your signature and they are the liable party.

You will have to file a claim with the postal company and the police in this case.

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