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Wig Commissions

Take your cosplay adventures to the next level and order a custom styled wig for your upcoming project. 

I am happy to take on all sorts of styling requests from natural looking hair to extreme anime/ cartoony styles. I can also make facial hair that matches the wig or as a separate order.

Please note that I only work with heat resistant synthetic hair, I do not work with real hair at the moment. 


For restyling or fixing a wig you already have please check here

*Check below for more info on how to fill out the form, wig measurement chart is also below the form.

Get a quote
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Check my Instagram account to see more or my work 


Since each wig is unique, prices depend on the complexity of the project and the duration required to accomplish the style. Prices start at 185 EUR 

To get an accurate estimate you will have to contact me with the details of your order - contact form below. 

How I calculate my quotes (Material cost + hours of labor + packaging materials + transaction fee. )

Any shipping fees are NOT included in the price provided. The shipping fee may vary depending on location, shipping method, size of package etc. I will only give you an estimate on the range of shipping cost, but the shipping fee will be charged upon completion of the wig order. 


Please read all the information below before contacting me for a quote.

How to Place your order

Fill in  the contact form below , you can also message me on Instagram or Facebook or send me an email via the live chat option. 

Please provide the following info: 

  • Character reference photos + your deadline (If you have one)  and country of residence to estimate shipping cost and delivery time.

  • If you have any special requests regarding the wig color or type (Lace front or hard front wig), or if you need a custom size wig, then please also include that information in your message

  • You must read the commissions policy and agree to the terms in order for your application form to be accepted

If you can also provide measurements upfront, will make it easier to determine if a custom wig size is needed or not.  Please provide all measurements in centimeters, wear a wig cap if you have long hair and flatten your hair as much as you can. 

 If you have extra thick hair or dreads/ braids, a custom wig pouch can be made to accommodate your hair under the wig base. 

Wig measurement.gif
Delivery Time

Depending on the project complexity and location, the delivery times will be discussed with you if you have a deadline requirement or if it is a rush order. 


 I accept payment plans. The amount of payments and duration can be discussed and agreed upon before you place your order. You can find more info in the commission policy 

Once your order is approved I will set up a link here on the website and send it to you, so you can use any of the website's payment methods (bankcontact, credit card, paypal, iDeal, and manual bank transfer)

Only fully paid orders will be shipped out - No exceptions!

Order Processing time

If you indicated a deadline in your request the wig would normally be ready and shipped in timely manner, the exact details will be discussed. 

If no deadline was indicated, we will discuss a certain time frame for when the wig is to be expected. 

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