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Cosplay Commissions

 Since cosplays take longer to make than wigs, I only accept a handful of costume orders per year so I am being more selective with what I feel like I want to make to add to my portfolio. 

Orders will be completed on deadline basis so please allow sufficient time when you order and when you set your deadline, minimum 2 months with no maximum duration set. 

I am now working with The Viking Elf to produce cosplay props, accessories and armor for cosplays.

**I do not make fur suits, body suits, any latex clothing, or anything with lights or complex mechanics, wings or silicon body enhancement suits**


Since each order is unique, the pricing is varied depending on what you need made. You will only get a cost estimate when you contact the page regarding your order. Check below on how to place your order.

Please note that I charge per hour + materials cost , so do not expect a full costume at $200 or so.

Any shipping or transaction fees are not included in the price provided. 

How to place your order
  1. Please contact me regarding commissions only via: website contact form or the shop's Facebook page, or via email (do not contact me via live chat, instagram or my private fb for commission requests)

  2. Send your character reference photos, as many photos from different angles as you can find. 

  3.  If your costume is based on an animated character, it would be helpful to include photos of cosplayers who made a costume you like so its easy to see the level of detail you are after.

  4. Provide the character name and series/ game/ movie etc. 

  5. List the items you need made in detail. For example ( I need the blouse, the vest, gloves, belt, pants and shoes, sword, and helmet) 

  6. If you have any special requests regarding the material or exact color of the costume,include that in your message. For example (I do not want a shiny material for my dress, I would like real leather for the vest, I need the pants to be stretchy, I would like the staff to be in parts to fit in the car, etc) 

  7. If you need to have any pockets made within the costume also mention that as pockets have an extra cost. For example (I need 2 pockets inside the jacket to fit my wallet and phone)

  8. Can make matching bag for your costume in case you need something that fits with the look. 

  9. Normally you should receive a response within 2-3 days with the estimate, if you agree to the price then you may place your order.

  10. Any measurements required will be communicated AFTER the order has been placed.

  11. You must read the commissions policy and agree to the terms in order for your order to be accepted. 

Delivery Time

Time frame for making the orders differ with each project. if you only ask for one item such as a skirt or a jacket, will take a few weeks time, however if you ask for a full costume, might require a few months to fit the order in my schedule and gather all the right material. Most costumes should arrive 2 weeks before the deadline provided, unless otherwise specified (for local orders in Belgium, or nearby areas in the Netherlands, it is possible to pick up the order in person or I can drive up to deliver the order for an extra cost if you opt for that option)

I do not normally deliver orders at conventions as I only attend few events per year and the ones I do attend I have no time or space to carry around your order with me.


Some orders may be of a higher price and to make things easy for you - I accept payment in parts. The amount of payments and duration can be discussed and agreed upon before you place your order. 

Only fully paid orders will be shipped out - No exceptions!

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